Web Site Development

Steps to create a new web site.


1 – What is the purpose of the web site, promote ideas, promote yourself, share information, …


2 – Collect available information, e.g. documents, photos, videos, …


3 – Create a outline of the web site, top level, major headings, subheadings, ….


4 - In a document editor, create a draft web site document based upon the outline adding text, photos, links, …


5 – Evaluate different web hosting services and web development tools.  For example, Google Apps www.google.com/apps/ provides web hosting services with the Google Sites web development tool..  Go Daddy is another web hosting service www.godaddy.com.


6 – Select your domain name, e.g. www.johnsmith.com


7 – Purchase your domain name and web hosting service plan.


8 – Select your template.


9 – Using the web development tool, create the web site top level, major headings, subheadings, …


10 – Copy text from the web site document into the web development tool.


11 – Add photos, links, ….Photos may be embedded in the web site.  Google Picasa Web Albums picasa.google.com is useful to upload and store photos.  Collect the photo URLs.  Add the photo URL links to your website.


12 – For videos, YouTube is useful to upload and store videos.  Collect the video URLs on YouTube.  Add the video URL links to your website. 


13 – For linked documents, Google Docs is useful to upload and store the documents.  Collect the document URLs.  Add the document URL links to your web site.


14 – Set your security on your web site.