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Nutrition Documents and Books


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URLs for Food Pyramids


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- Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian Food Pyramid


Dr Andrew Weil Antioxidant Food Pyramid is at


Eat Right America Food Pyramid and superfoods


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URLs – Nutrition and Health General


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Dean Ornish -


Dr Ann Kulze -


Dr Weil


Veterans Administration MOVE Motivated Overweight Vets Everywhere


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URLs – Superfoods / Functional Foods


WebMD list of superfoods is at


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Eat Right America pyramid and superfoods


URLs – US Government Nutrition and Health General


Health Finder - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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USDA National Agriculture Library


Foodapedia -  Quick access to food info. Find the calories and MyPyramid food groups for a food, or compare two foods.


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URLs – Nutrition and Health Organizations


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URLs for Stress Management


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