Family and Oral Histories

Creating and maintaining your family history is beautiful, worthwhile activity.  The family history provides our ancestral roots.  Plus family histories are fun.  Get an overview of genealogy


Steps to Create Your Family History


1 – Search the internet with your principle family names.  Potentially there is already a family history that a relative created.


2 – Collect available information, old letters, old birth certificates, old death certificates, old pictures, old scrapbooks, old newspaper clippings, etc.


3 – Interview older members of the family to collect memories, recollections, stories, etc.  Audio tape or video tape the interviews if possible.


4 – Organize information.  Create a document with text, pictures, maps, etc based upon each relative.


5 – Create a family tree using a software program.  View a list of programs at  Most genealogy programs can import and export using the GEDCOM standard.


6 – Share your family history for all family members, e.g. DVD, CD, web site, etc.